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Search Engine Graffiti

Search Engine Graffiti

Looking down at the puddle of water soaking my dark blue flip flops. Gazing around me feet to see what I stumbled upon. It must be 3:00 a.m., the alley is near pitch black except for the glow from the distant street light on Burnside Ave. Listening to the sound of an empty beer bottle rolling down the alley, my eyes fix upon the item that smashed against my toe. A silver spray paint can with the label removed. As I begin to continue on my late night journey wondering around the city aimlessly, thinking about some new online marketing tactics and how to grab the readers attention, I see something written on the alley brick wall above the dumpsters. It is too dark to make out due to the poor lighting in this dim lit Portland Oregon alleyway. So I scuffle my body a few feet to the right so I can make out the letters written on the wall, as now the fumes of the paint take its toll on my nose. Fresh paint and the spray paint can left behind by the graffiti artist, I make out the words written on the wall.

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The Benefits of Social Signals

What are the Benefits of Social Signals?

Many people question social signals and the benefits of them whether they work or not. Today I am going to tell you the befits of social signals and how they work to your advantage. But first lets cover some perspectives why some search engine optimizing experts think why they are not beneficial.

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Google SEO

Google SEO Has Always Been Old School

Google SEO has always been old school, and this will never change. Content is King and always will be. And there are many things that the today’s SEO companies are forgetting. They go after mass backlink building, but they forget the simple needs such as pinging and the power behind FeedBurner and Technorati. FeedBurner used to be an awesome power tool until Google bought them out in 2007. even though Google now owns FeedBurner, it is still a nice power pack if used properly.

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